Safety At Engrity

Engrity Global Inspection is committed to a strong safety program that protects its workers, property, clients and the public from harm. Engrity complies with all federal, provincial legislation pertaining to a safe work environment.

Engrity management is committed to promote and maintain a safe work environment. Engrity’s will not compromise the health of our employees or the environment of our community. We will continually promote a safe work environment through: Safety education and training of all employees, Adhering safety policies and procedures devised by Engrity and our Clients.


Engrity Global Safety

About Safety At Engrity

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone associated with Engrity will share the benefits of a safe workplace. Through our continuous safety and loss control effort, we  accomplish our safety goals.
We encourage and train all our personnel to have the required safety certifications as per regulation and any other certification as required by our clients: